Proof "The Pink Tax" is Real!

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard the term, "Pink Tax."  It's when there are two identical products that are made in different colors and marketed to men and women.  The women's version is usually pink, hence the name "Pink Tax."

Well, I experienced this for myself while shopping for razors at Target.  Here are the two packages of razors.  They are identical razors, except for the color of the razor and the packaging.  I found the women's razors first and dropped them into my cart.  Then, I thought, let me check the price on men's razors.  My legs won't what color they are.  To my surprise, the men's razors were in a completely different aisle!  I did find them, and I was stunned at the price difference.

Here are the packages.

One was a 3 pack, the other an 8 pack, so I had to do some math.  Here are the price tags so you can play along.  

I was upset enough to write to the top management of Target.  Here's the email I sent.

I was shopping my local Target store the other day.  I needed disposable razors.  I found a 3 pack of pink razors for $3.99.  I looked around to compare the price of the non-pink (or "Men's") razors and discovered they are no longer in the same aisle!  I had to go to the next aisle to find them and -- lo and behold -- there was an 8-pack of the exact same razors (except for the color) for $5.99.

The ONLY difference was the color of the razor and the number of razors in the package.  I must tell you, I was dumbfounded.  I've heard of the "Pink Tax" and knew it was a real thing, but to discover that Target expects women to pay $1.33 each for the same razors that you market to men for 75-cents is RIDICULOUS!  The fact that you have them in separate aisles (to make it harder to compare) and in different size packages (for those who aren't good at math) infuriated me even more.

I am planning to blog about this and would love to include an official comment from Target.  Photos attached.  Contact information below.

That was a few days ago.  The only reply I got is below.  It's a very generic reply that they probably send to everyone who writes or emails.

I don't know who Joseph is.  It's not one of the names of the executives I listed on the email.  

I do know this:  Women need to be very careful shoppers to avoid paying TWICE what they should for some products, which is ridiculous!

Oh, and there's an organization that's fighting The Pink Tax nationwide.  CLICK HERE to go to their page.

Cindy Collins

Cindy Collins

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