Coming Together While Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolated

Most of us know by now that in order to fight the Coronavirus The WHO (World Health Organization) is pleading for us all to practice social distancing. To stay at home as much as possible. In their most recent video (below) one of the Doctors states "We must all come together". He is right.

It is an ironic oxymoron that in order for us to fight this fast spreading virus, we need to come together, by being apart. So How To Not Feel Isolated?

It can become difficult when isolated, to still feel that we are "in this together" but the fact is...we are. This is not a question, this is a must and we will win this fight! Yet, how can we still feel that connect, still be a part of our community while we keep our social distance? By sharing our experiences together. That's what we do every day on Billy & Judi, share your stories. Because when we relate our stories, we relate to each other. To our humanous! We connect.

So let us be your conduit. Let us help you to feel less isolated because you are not alone. We are your family (sorry, you are stuck with me!), and like all families we may not always agree, maybe you've shouted at your car radio at something we've said! But, hopefully you also feel our caring through it all! Perhaps once in awhile we make you laugh or give you something silly or unique to talk about at work or home. Maybe you just like the part when we play the Google Buster!

So on that note, please, share how you are doing! Do you need anything? We have microphones that can reach quite a number of ears, and we want to help everyone connect because we are "In This Together"!

Call us or share your posts and comments Facebook, IG, Twitter) anytime and THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your lives. Stay healthy my friend! Hugs (from a distance :) - Judi

-"Hands Cupping The World" By Jonathan Kitchen, Getty Images

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