Michael Rapaport Stops Man From Opening Emergency Door Mid-Flight

Michael Rapaport stops man from opening emergency door mid-flight

Michael Rapaport found himself starring in the role of a lifetime today while on an American Airlines flight from Houston to LAX. The 'Atypical' actor had to spring into action to prevent another passenger from trying to open the emergency door on an airplane mid-flight.

Fox Sports Director Ted Kennedy tweeted saying he was on the flight to L.A. when he spotted Rapaport stand up and start yelling at a guy, "What the f*** are you doing?" 

Crazy.  On plane to LA from Houston.  I am 11 rows back and I hear Michael Rapport yell "Hey" but not in a normal way and very loud.  Michael is sitting in the 1st row on the right.


By the time Kennedy and a couple of the BIG3 players who were also on the flight reached the man, Rapaport already had the guy by the collar and had pulled him away from the emergency door, telling crew members about his fellow passenger's attempt to open it.

Kennedy says the man's excuse was that he believed the door was for the bathroom.


Later, the actor tweeted a video in which he talked about his encounter with the man, giving a shout out to his fellow heroes, Glen 'Big Baby' Davis and Baron Davis for helping him deescalate the situation. 


According to TMZ, airport authorities and the FBI spoke with the passenger who attempted to open the emergency door and determined that the man really was confused. He was allowed to board another flight to Vietnam to visit his mother, who is ill. 

Photo: Getty Images


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