Man Uses Paddleboard to Get Across Hudson River Wearing Suit, Dress Shoes

There are dozens of ways to get to work in New York City - Subway, Uber, Lfyt, Cab, even a ferry - but, when you're running late, you do what you gotta do to get there in time.

Such is the case of Scott Holt, a resident of Jersey City, NJ, who told NBC News 4 New York that he had a meeting with a potential manager in New York City and found himself running late. Not wanting to risk becoming even more late by taking any other form of transportation - he suited up and hopped on his paddleboard to cross the Hudson River, dress shoes and all.

Eunice Rivers was also cross the Hudson River on her way to work that morning when she spotted Holt from her (probably more comfortable) seat on the Hudson River ferry. She said she had to grab her phone and document the moment on video to share with the world. 


Holt's unexpected choice of transportation didn't leave him running behind either. He says his 'shortcut' only took him a half hour to cross the river - and he even managed to stay dry the entire time. 

“I actually expected it to take a really long time but it only took like a half hour,” Holt told “It gave my shoes a free shoe shine and [it was] a free commute.”

It wasn't easy, Holt says he nearly fell in a few times, but he ultimately made it to a closed water taxi port on the New York side of the river where a confused cop and an irate Water Taxi captain were waiting for him. 

Rivers said she wasn't the only one who was cracking up at the site of a man in a full suit crossing the Hudson on a paddleboard. 

“Everyone was like laughing and was like 'what is he doing?'” Rivers said. “I had to record it because no one was going to believe me.”

Rivers shared the video to her Facebook page where it has been viewed nearly 300,000 times. 


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