Texas Officer Delivers Baby In Credit Union Parking Lot

baby camila

A Texas police officer was getting ready to head home as employees started to leave the AMOCO Federal Credit Union he was stationed at when a frantic man pulled into the parking lot. The man, who spoke very little English, ran toward Officer Jason Carty, trying to get his attention. He directed Carty to his car, where Carty found the man's wife was going into labor.

Carty said that he saw the baby's head and realized he was going to have to deliver the baby in the parking lot. 

“It was my first delivery. I mean, I have three sons, but I didn’t deliver them,” Carty joked in a press release issued by the credit union.

Branch manager Debbie Castaneda was heading to her car when she saw Officer Carty delivering the baby. She ran back inside and asked one of her co-workers, Maria Sanchez, to act as a translator. 

Sanchez said that she was "really surprised how calm she was; she was a natural."

After Carty successfully delivered the baby, paramedics arrived and took the woman to the hospital. 

The newborn was named Camila, but the employees at the credit union nicknamed her "Baby AMOCO." They showed up to the hospital the next day and brought an AMOCO onesie and flowers for the newborn girl. Castaneda offered congratulations to the new parents.

"I am so honored to work with Officer Jason Carty of the LCPD and Maria Sanchez. They were fantastic! Congratulations to the new parents and welcome baby Camila, or as we will always know her as, Baby AMOCO.”

Officer Carty, who met with the family the next morning, said that the parking lot deliver was "certainly one of the highlights of my career and one that I will look back on and be proud of. I was able to help bring a new life into this world; there are just no words to describe that.”


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