Casino Says $43M Jackpot Was A Glitch; Offers Winner Steak Dinner Instead!

posted by Alex Siordian - 


Imagine feeling like you won a HUGE $43 million jackpot... only to find out it was a glitch! 

Katrina Bookman unfortunately had that happen to her!

Katrina claims she won the jackpot since the slot machine indicated she did win. She even snapped a selfie in front of the screen, which said "printing cash ticket $42,949,672.76." 

According to the casino, the jackpot was a mistake and simply a malfunction in the machine! They gave back the $2.25 she left in the machine and offered her a steak dinner on the house. 

Now she is suing to get the millions she believes she won! Thoughts?

Now the winner's suing.

Posted by Thrillist on Sunday, January 7, 2018



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