So, today's show featured an inordinate amount of local hockey coverage (which is why I dusted off Mike Sullivan to shed some light on the latest bits of hockey news). This is sort of unusual for me since I admittedly don't know as much about hockey as someone who speaks professionally about sports should. I know standings, records, human interest stories, statistics, and that junk--I've interviewed our area coaches and players enough to get a ten-minute interview without sounding like a total slacker--but the actual on-the-ice game is something I'm still learning about.

Before I offer some less-than-educated thoughts on the news of the weekend, I again do it with the disclaimer that my Little at Big Brothers Big Sisters (who is 12) teaches me all about hockey. So if I'm wrong, it's because my hockey expert is 12 years old and can beat me handily in Flappy Bird.

First, I think Mike Sullivan's assessment on my show today fits: that Charley Graaskamp leaving for the OHL is going to leave an obvious hole in the lineup, particularly alongside Jake Bresser. Mike ran off some stats about how they're 1A and 1B in terms of scoring and production, and Bresser himself in an interview clip with Mike today said that it'll probably affect him since "all of my goals came from [Graaskamp]" (it's not all of them, by the way, but pretty close, says Mike). That said, Bresser (and other players) said that their goals haven't changed. I'm guessing (as an outsider) that the goals probably mention championships of some kind. The first one they can win will be tomorrow, when they play Rice Lake for the Big Rivers crown on Mix 98.1 at 6:45p with... Mike Sullivan calling it. Oh, who else?

Second, I think the bracket for Memorial and Regis/McDonell sets up for an entertaining final four. If chalk rocks, the top four teams (both of those Eau Claire schools plus Chippewa Falls and Rice Lake) will make for a very entertaining February 25 at Hobbs. The game to play for a trip to state will be fun as well, especially if it ends up Memorial vs Regis/McDonell.

Wednesday, I'll co-host the Watercooler with local rock band frontman Lyndon Cartman (who you can hear as an extra voice in our promos), whose band Rockalypse will be playing February 14 at Red Zone Sports Bar. Bob Bradovich of WQOW News 18 Sports will be on in his usual spot as well. In the meantime, I'll be on Tuesday night at 7p for North-Memorial basketball. Talk to you then!